Please note that, due to the current work-from-home arrangement in the College of Law, all payments of the One Thousand Pesos (PhP 1,000.00) LAE fee are requested to be made BY BANK DEPOSIT ONLY. Deposit can be made to any Landbank of the Philippines branch or through online bank transfer.

The account details are as follows:

  • Bank: Landbank of the Philippines
  • Account Name: UPD Revolving Fund
  • Account Number: 3072-1006-96

Deadline for payment is on 10 May 2021.

Please upload a copy of your deposit slip or proof of online bank transfer to your LAE account and email the same to Thank you.


The Admissions Committee is pleased to announce that a total of 1,494 applicants have qualified to take the LAE which is scheduled on 16 May 2021, Sunday, 9:00 a.m. The LAE 2021 will be conducted online through ExamSoft. The deadline for payment of the LAE fee is on 10 May 2021, Wednesday.

Prior to the LAE, a Mock LAE will be held on 02 May 2021, Sunday, 9:00 a.m. The Mock LAE is a prerequisite for the LAE, and failure to take the Mock LAE is a ground for disqualification from taking the LAE. Credentials for the LAE and Mock LAE will be sent to the qualified applicants individually. Applicants are advised to monitor the UP LAE 2021 Announcement’s forum in their Moodle accounts for instructions on setting up ExamSoft accounts, how to take both the Mock LAE and the LAE proper and other instructions.

The College may investigate possible misconduct committed during the pre-LAE online course. This release of names of LAE qualifiers is without prejudice to the results of any such investigation. Applicants found to be guilty of any misconduct during the pre-LAE online course may still be disqualified and refused admission despite being allowed to take the LAE.

Click here to download the List of Qualified Applicants for the LAE 2021


To help determine those who will be eligible to take the 2021 U.P. Law Aptitude Exam (LAE), a Pre-LAE Test will be given to those with paid and verified applications as of March 14, 2021. The Pre-LAE Test will measure skills which are necessary and desirable for those studying in the UP College of Law. The results of the Pre-LAE Test, along with other information submitted in your application (such as your GWA) will be considered in determining your eligibility to take the 2021 LAE.

  1. The Pre-LAE Test can be found in the following link:

  2. To access the Pre-LAE Test, please use either Firefox or Chrome as your browser.

  3. The Pre-LAE test will be built on top of Moodle, a proven and popular online learning management system. It was designed to be simple, easy to use, and as intuitive as any other learning system. However, should you wish for more information on Moodle for students, you may wish to consult the following online video tutorial:

  4. You will be given your login details via the email you provided to the LAE Application System ( Please check your "Spam" and "Promotions" folder if the email is not in your Inbox. If you did not receive an email with your login credentials, please contact technical support (see below).

  5. The exam will be open and accessible to the participants for a pre-determined period (login to the prep course and watch the Announcements forum for updates), with time limits set for each activity’s assessment.

  6. The Pre-LAE Test will be in four (4) parts as follows:

    • a. Listening Comprehension
    • b. Reading Comprehension
    • c. English Grammar Proficiency
    • d. Essay Writing
  7. Once opened and accessed, participants will be given only one (1) attempt to answer the questions provided under each assessment per activity, within the time limit given. Please note the instructions given for each assessment per activity.

  8. The questions will be in the form of modified multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

  9. For technical support, please contact: 0917 509 9994 or

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